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Quellness Golf Resort Bad Griesbach, Germany, Reciprocal Club

Quellness Golf Resort - Bad Griesbach, Germany - Reciprocal Club

The Quellness Golf Resort Bad Griesbach is distinguished by its unparalleled combination of health, wellness, golf, business and sports which is unique in all the world. An impressive stay awaits which includes ten golf courses in the picturesque Bavarian countryside as well as an array of further attractive destinations for the entire family.

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This course offers everything a good golf course needs along with the signature feel of a course created by Germany’s world-class golfer Bernhard Langer. The 18-holes in Brunnwies were the first to be designed by Bernhard Langer in Bad Griesbach. The result: one of the top 20 courses in Europe (“Golf World England“). This course challenges good golfers, yet is still suitable for all skill levels – this applies to all of the championship courses at the golf resort, and most especially to the Brunnwies Golf Course.

The countryside is charming all on its own as it offers a beautiful view of the Lower Bavarian woods. It comes as no surprise that the Rottal and its surrounding hill country are often referred to as “The Bavarian Tuscany”. Playing an 18-hole round on the Brunnwies course proves that this name is indeed justified. As for the athletic factor, the course impresses not only with how meticulously it has been integrated into the countryside, but also with its hand-mown and often heavily contoured greens, as is the case with hole 11. On this hole, the flag may be placed at three different levels. Being a master at putting is more essential for a good score on this course than on any of the rest.

BECKENBAUER GOLF COURSE designed by Bernhard Langer

Regal golfing pleasure on lush greens and perfect fairways – the championship course created with Bernhard Langer as the architect seems to be one with the meadow landscape of the small river Rott and was already awarded a “world-class” rating the year it opened. The 18 holes in Penning, right beside the Porsche Golf Course, do indeed pack a punch. They don’t hold back when it comes to challenges, but also offer sufficient opportunities for some serious success.

What makes this golf course so special is not only the quality of the hand-mown greens and fairways which remain tip-top even during the summer thanks to a double-row irrigation season. It is also particularly due its unique character and the atmosphere felt during a round which takes you along the Rott river and past paddocks with a view of small churches that pop up on the horizon.

It enchants with its attention to detail such as the stone walls which demarcate the greens or the small stone bridges over ditches and streams. Yet the challenge it presents to each and every golfer with its holes distributed over an expansive 80 hectare course is also not to be neglected. An array of ponds and flood plains on the completely level and easily accessible course require quite an amount of precision.


PORSCHE GOLF COURSE designed by Bernhard Langer

The youngest of our championship courses, which is located right next to the Beckenbauer Golf Course in Penning, is also a creation by Germany’s world-class golfer Bernhard Langer. He integrated the completely level fairways into the meadow landscape of the Rott. The older existing trees give the course its mature character and natural charm.

The course (par 71) in Penning is completely flat and its approximately 65 hectare exude a long-established flair due to the majestic tress that adorn the course. Although it is located right beside the Beckenbauer Golf Course, these two first-class courses are indeed different but share the fact that they are challenging yet fair courses for all skill levels. As an example, you will not find as many side flood plains on this course.

The fairways also flow more with the Rottal landscape. The Porsche Golf Course is given a special touch by the often extreme contouring of the fairways. In addition to a classic 90° dogleg, the 13th hole is particularly interesting. The 145 metre long par 3 has its green on a peninsula. It’s a spectacular but manageable drive to the flag. A concluding challenge is presented by the 18th hole – a long par 4 with a difficult last shot over the water to a well-protected green


ST WOLFGANG GOLF COURSE UTTLAU designed by Kurt Rossknecht

Peace and quiet over the hills surrounding the small village of Uttlau near Bad Griesbach, 18 holes in enchanting nature – this is a truly excellent place to golf.

This course unites all of the aspects that make playing golf so appealing. The St Wolfgang Golf Course Uttlau has something to offer every golfer. Take a bit of flat land, a couple of hills (not too high, yet with a lovely view of the countryside) add a splash of water and decorate it all with fruit trees and a small village at the centre. In a countryside much like an idyllic Bavarian post card, the golf course architect Kurt Rossknecht beautifully integrated the course into its surroundings. The village remains in view with its Uttlau Estate where its gorgeous courtyard awaits for a welcome celebration after playing a round.

However, there are a diverse 18 holes to be played before the courtyard becomes relevant. Sportsmanship and fair play were the driving forces behind the design. Flat holes, sloped fairways, long shots into the valley and water hazards – the course beautifully unites them all. Extensive greens that require a certain talent in putting also distinguish the course.

Take in the beautiful view of the rolling countryside – however without forgetting to play to par, for example on hole 12 with its par 5 where you drive the ball from the highest point of the course. The final hole (also an interesting par 5) will take you right back to Uttlau – alongside its church, cemetery and estate. By the end of the round, you too will understand why this area is so often called the “Bavarian Tuscany”.


GOLF COURSE LEDERBACH designed by Kurt Rossknecht

One side provides a view of the Bavarian Forest, the other side provides an outlook over Bad Griesbach, and if you look just a touch further – provided the weather behaves – you’ll have an impressive shot of the Alps and the Bavarian countryside, yet this is an experience that must be earned. Any golfer who has completed a round on the Golf Course Lederbach will be able to tell you why the area is referred to as “Alpine” and also why hole 9 is known as “heartbeat hill”.

You will not find any level holes on the Lederbach course, but what you will definitely experience is an interesting and athletic round on an almost mountainous course. There is no escaping the challenging terrain with the slopes, drawn-out uphill grades and extreme height differences of each hole. As is the case with hole 9: the last 150 metres require you to take on a mind-boggling gradient slope of 48%.

This hole is known as “heartbeat hill” and is known for good reason as one of the ten most difficult holes of golf in Germany (according to a German golf magazine). A final boost of power is needed for the 17th hole, which is a long par 5 with a constant downhill slope.

It is worth mentioning: after climbing to the “summit” during a round on Lederbach, you will be duly compensated – both with a breath-taking view of the Bavarian countryside as well as by being able to take a shot into the valley, as this is the kind of shot that is often excellent and far-travelling.

Our recommendation: this is a course that you should not miss out on during your holiday, and taking a golf buggy is the ideal solution for saving up on stamina.


ENGLED, JAGL, PFEIFFER - The 9-hole courses at the Golfodrom®

Located at the heart of the Golf Resort Bad Griesbach, the Golfodrom® (which is also home to the Golf Academy) gives you the opportunity to immediately incorporate the progress made during practice into your game or to improve your precision: on the three immediately adjacent 9-hole golf courses.

For beginners with a golfing licence, these courses are ideal as stress-free preparation for playing the first rounds on an 18-hole course. In contrast to the two courses “Jagl” and “Pfeiffer”, the “Engled” course offers more than just par 3 holes. However, if you think that the three “short” courses at the golf resort are only for beginners, think again. Being able to accurately get the ball to the green from a distance between 75 and 195 metres, as can be found at the golf resort, can have quite an impact on your score. In other words, this Golfodrom® offer is both appealing and relevant for players of all skill levels. Treat yourself to a week long holiday in Bavaria to give your golf game new power and precision



Golf courses and golf classes just for kids.

The golf resort even has a golf course strictly for kids. Adults enter at their own risk! This is where kids call the shots and tee-times are only for golfers under 18! It is just how things work on the Chervò Junior Golf Course, which is located right next to the Bernhard Langer creation, the Brunnwies Golf Course. On this fun course, kids play on six entertaining par 3 holes between a bathtub, comic characters and small hazards. This course allows beginners to play and learn both golf rules and etiquette while on the course. An amount of work was also done in 2014. The hazards were redesigned and a new rule quiz for the kids was developed for six of the holes. However, this alone is not the only reason why kids and teens are at just the right place at the golf resort.

Have fun, playfully learn golf and get some good practice in – the Kids Golf Programme at the Bad Griesbach Golf Academy is for every age and every skill level.


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