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Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort - Reciprocal Club

Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort - Augusta, MI - Reciprocal Club

It’s no secret, Gull Lake View is the Midwest’s premier, stay and play golf destination. Southwestern Michigan’s idyllic lake country is the backdrop for six championship golf courses, each of which has earned a rating from Golf Digest of 4.5 stars or higher. Designed to balance the unique beauty and terrain challenges inherent in our landscape with pure enjoyment and recreation, all of our world-class courses offer a special experience for golfers.


In 2017, Gull Lake View opened its latest championship golf course: Stoatin Brae. Unlike anything else Michigan golf has to offer, this emerald jewel sits at one of the highest points in Kalamazoo County and commands sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This is a special course whose dramatic design inspires golfers to play their best.


This is the course that started it all. Completed in 1965, this championship course was designed and built by Darl and Letha Scott as they began to define and exemplify exactly how exquisite Michigan’s destination golf resort business could be. Recently, Gull Lake View West has received some design work that has enhanced its playability.


Gull Lake View East is the second course built at the resort. Completed within ten years of Gull Lake View West, this course has gone on to earn consistently high ratings, and has been rated as high as the tenth best course in Michigan. It is also the home for our Fairway Villas, the perfect home away from home for stay and play golf vacationers.


The dramatic and rolling countryside of Southwest Michigan’s lake country provides the perfect backdrop for Stonehedge South, the third masterpiece designed by the Scotts. Completed in 1988, this is a favorite for players who enjoy a walk in the country as much as they enjoy playing championship golf.


Golfers who love forested terrain and formidable elevation changes will love Gull Lake View’s fifth course, Stonehedge North. Designed by Charles and Jon Scott, Stonehedge North opened in 1995 and has been impressing golfers with its dramatic landscape features ever since.


Designed by William Mitchell, Bedford Valley was purchased by Gull Lake View Resort in 1988. When tournament level golf needs a place to play in Michigan, this is where it goes. A frequent host for championship games, Bedford Valley provides a perfect blend of challenge and beauty. Knowing the value of this course, the Scotts added a brand new clubhouse in 2008 to enhance its desirability.

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